In May 2004, the 2B Foundation (Budapest) with Alma On Dobbin (NY) organized an exhibition of works by Hungarian and international artists at the 2B Gallery as a tribute to the 600,000 Hungarian Jews who perished in World War II. The 2B Foundation issued a call to artists to participate in the exhibition, "WALDSEE 1944" with these miniature works in any medium, that would reflect on these events of 60 years ago. 

Featuring works by, among others: Paul Emmanuel , William Kentridge, Erika Hibbert, Diane Victor (South Africa); Gyorgy Kemeny, Janos Major, Janos Megyik, Balint Nagy, Laszlo Rajk, Gabor Rosko, Lenke Szilagyi , Kamilla Szij (Hungary); Ida Appelbrog, Judy Chicago, Tobi Arthur Kahn, Stephen Lack, Louise McCagg, Sylvia Plachy, Archie Rand, John Roach, Greg Stanger, Donald Woodman (USA); Annette Munk, Anton Wurth (Germany).

László Rajk: Waldsee 1944 (postcard)

If we were to write down all the numbers from 1 through 437,000, one after another on a piece of paper, it would take 917.8 hours if the time were allocated as follows:

From 1 to 1,000: 10 minutes

1,000 to 9,999: 360 minutes

10,000 to 99,999: 2700 minutes

100,000 to 437,000: 52,000 minutes

Total: 55,070 minutes

55,070 minutes, that is 917.8 hours, the equivalent of 91.8 days, assuming a 10-hour working day, or 71.5 days for a 12-hour working day.
437,000 Hungarian people were murdered in 56 days in Auschwitz-Birkenau. 

(We have no reliable data on the murderers’ timeline.)


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