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The spine or backbone does not only refer to anatomy or zoology. To have a spine is also a human attitude: to have dependable character, to be faithful to one’s beliefs. Someone with a backbone openly expresses his opinions and obligations even when this is not expressly in their interest.

A lack of a backbone, or spinelessness, is one of the most serious character faults. Treachery, opportunism for short-term gain, a kind of fake image of oneself. To justify themselves, spineless people identify themselves with iconic and universal cultural figures, and with time they start to believe this, and even expect others to believe it as well.

But there is no such thing as a spineless hero.

It is this absence of a backbone that these drawings depict. They also attempt, using the techniques of object trouvé, of ready-made, and of frottage, that is, by the depiction of what does not exist, to show that, in an autocratic régime, political art is that which the paranoid authorities consider as such, rather than what the artist intends as such. (Translated by David Robert Evans)

Photo: Bruno Klein




Mucius Galéria, Budapest 



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